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LOL, my influences? Guitar-wise, I'd say Tom Scholz, Ace Frehley, Edward Van Halen, and Joe Satriani. The guitarist I most admire is John Petrucci of Dream Theater.

My equipment changes from time to time. I'm a fairly accomplished guitar player, so-so on piano/keyboards. For my studio, I use n-track 2.3 by Fasoft.com, only. I have one CD published through CreateSpace on Amazon.com, under the title of "Tapestry".

Musically, I think I run the gamut. My CD has songs that are rooted in country, jazz, metal, and 70's/80's hard rock.

My lyrical style tends towards the introspective, and most of my material is about relationships.



Emerald Eyes (Vox Guide)

Adult Alternative
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Soft Rock
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Hell fire

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Emerald Eyes

Adult Alternative
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The Queen Bee

Alternative Country
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Emerald Eyes (LooknGlass Version)

Adult Alternative
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I Want The Whole World (feat. music by Danny Milligan)

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Just Being Human

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Name In My Soul

Adult Alternative
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Looks to Die For

Rock & Roll
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Scars (Duet With Danny Singer)

Adult Alternative
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Hey You

Soft Rock
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Songwriters Blues

Chicago Blues
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Not Enough

Adult Alternative
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Adult Alternative
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get round to you

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I Won't Forget

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Fallen For You

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Stay This Way

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Remember Forever

Adult Alternative
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You Fall In Love With The Pain

Traditional Country
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Leave You Blind

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So You're Leaving (spinoff)

Adult Alternative
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Adult Alternative
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So You're Leaving

Adult Alternative
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Sweet Love (I called Paradise)

Traditional Country
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So far away

Adult Alternative
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Three Days

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Keep it up

Adult Alternative
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Project 11

Contemporary Folk
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End of the Line Blues

Chicago Blues
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Going Down Slow

Chicago Blues
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You Can Never Let Her Go

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She Sometimes Tells - RPM2012

Adult Alternative
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Inside Groove

Adult Alternative
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