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It's approaching 13 years since I joined Kompoz and I'd like to thank everyone who trusted me with their tracks. For the things I want to do, I feel the time has come to move on. There just isn't the same demand for mix engineers as there once was and I'd simply put that down to the quantity of fabulous mixes uploaded by Kompoz artists. I've given praise to many of them. Because there's still a big problem finding near mix-ready projects with a full compliment of well recorded, unprocessed WAV / AIFF tracks with correct sync, this only reinforces the feeling that I'd probably been flogging the proverbial dead horse for too long. I needed to find other places where my skills and gear could be used more effectively until such times the mix availability situation on Kompoz improved. Sadly, that hasn't happened and my departure from Kompoz will most likely be early in 2020. I have some loose ends to tie up first and will be contacting a number of people to let them know my intentions in advance.

So thank you for the good times, and all the best for the coming Christmas and New Year. Take care everyone.


November 19, 2019