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To all of the gifted musicians may your journey go well with you..

As for me .. My drumming is my passion

and key's have been self taught to allow me to play my drums too..

I'm still learning the craft..

Hat'sa That

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Calling You Home

Soft Rock
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drumdawg drumdawg, Owhit

Dance Ballarina,Dance

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Adult Contemporary
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If you think you hate it now ... wait till you drive it!!

Adult Contemporary
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Angels Sing

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Down the road

New Age
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His Blood (covers)

Soft Rock
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Southern Preserves ( Tribute to gregg allman)

Alternative Country
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Time Cruze

New Age
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Mistic dance

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Set Sail ,Hold Course

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Intensity He's coming

New Age
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Empty with Hope

Adult Contemporary
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Simple logic

Adult Alternative
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Huron Night sky

North America
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Strollin through the Stars

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Strollin through the Stars

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Gollum's dance

New Wave
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