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Glastonbury CT   United States of America
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Sometime around the third grade I witnessed a friend playing his drum-set - I was hooked. My parents took the brave and generous step of buying me my first drum set in 6th grade, and they tolerated the learning curve. I paid for part of that set by doing extra chores at home. I am obsessed with snare drums, and I traded in my first bicycle for my first snare drum. Ironically, I am now also obsessed with bicycles and now own a bike shop (Bicycles East in Glastonbury, CT).

In 7th grade, I joined my first band - the Stone River Band. We played gigs at our local block party and even played for a Middle School Dance ? we had hit the big time! As an adult I went on to play in many bands including classic rock, jazz, and big band. Spent a few years working with a singer songwriter recording original music and even played hand drums for a yoga kirtan.