drumrabbi Josh Lebowitz

Bel Air MD   United States of America
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Brand : Maryland Drum Company / Baltimore Drum Company


Kick: 17x22

Toms: 8x8 , 8x10 , 8x12 , 13x15 , 13x18

Snares: Baltimore Drum Company 5.5x14 / 20ply  , DW 6x14 / 10+6 ( 90's) , Maryland

            Drum Company 6x10 .

Snares from my company, Identity Design:

6x13 Birch , 7x12 Maple, 6x12 Maple

Cymbals: Various Sabian Sizes and series'

Influences: My father, Chad Smith, Jimmy Chamberlin, Dave Abbruzzese , Weapon of Choice , Portishead, Apex Theory, TOOL, Incubus, any music that has both feel and groove  



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