dvsrecords Nicolas CHOUKROUN

Shanghai Shanghai   China
Member since December 30, 2017

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Hi there,

I left my native country more than 10 years ago and now live in China.

Even if I left my band mates, I keep listening to punk rock, and spend some time to record new materials. I hope to meet great people who can share this passion with me.

My Gears:

- Guitar:

Gibson Sonex all modified

Fender Telecaster

Mesa Boogie Mark 3

Peavey Classic 50

- Bass:

MusicMan Sterling

Mesa 400+

- Recording:

RME audio interface

Avalon 737

Focusrite Red Quad

Lots of Mics but for guitars, mainly Senheiser e609.


Tama Star Classic

Snare Ludwig Vistalite 70s

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