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My name is Eamonn, I'm a 31 year old singer, piano player and acoustic guitar player from Ireland.

Growing up music was always my dream to be involved in, having been raised mostly on a diet of 60s and 70s pop and rock before discovering punk and 80s alternative rock. During most of my 20s I worked full time as a piano player and piano teacher, playing in pubs around the west of Ireland, an area of music I eventually decided to get out of.

These days my dream is to write and record my own music, having had a enough of covering Tina Turner songs and other pub standards. I always saw myself as a piano player first and foremost but in recent time I've focused mostly on my singing as I really enjoy being centre stage.

My goal is to find someone to collaborate with to record songs with the eventual long term aim of making a great album.

I do my best to keep up with new music and would always be interested in trying to create something innovative and new, but I recognize that as a performer my talents (and my style of singing) would probably be best suited to roots/folk rock (the older I get the more I sing of it as it seems to fit me quite well.) I'm particularly interested in finding a good lyricist.

Obviously, I'd love to be commercially successful but if I finished my life having made some music I was very proud of after years of having played stuff I didn't like to pay the bills, I'd die a happy man.