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I work with REAPER in my humble home studio.

Currently busy self-producing my first solo album, but part of my intention with that project is to develop my skills, so one-off collaborations seem like a fun way to do that. I also find myself having far more concrete ideas on other people's work which leads me toward production and arrangement projects.

Formerly classically trained vocalist in the process of dusting off my instrument. I've been working on vocal performance styles and have a handle on the Rachel Goswell to PJ Harvey range... might be fun to take on a challenge of some Liz Frasier, Kate Bush, Bjork, or Janis Joplin kind of stuff though! I am firmly against vocal pitch correction -- if I need another take, I cut another take.

I've played around with keys since childhood but I'm new to synthesis and having a blast with it. I have a hardware synth and selection of virtual instruments. Really want to try laying down some rockin' combo organ stuff a la B-52s, Stranglers.

My guitar and bass capabilities are limited to weird, effected drone stuff and scratch bass lines (on a heavy bottom strung guitar). I'm building on drum programming skills and have a kit at home but that's not ready for primetime yet.

You can probably guess by now, but most of the music I listen to is from the '60s to the '90s or heavily influenced by it. In another life I was a vinyl DJ and indie concert promoter.

In love with analog media, the sound of real tape compression & vinyl saturation, etc. I do have a tape deck I'd like to run things through for the hell of it, and building a DIY spring reverb unit is on my to-do list. I rather like doing things the hard way if it feels more genuine.

I like to do field recordings while I'm out in the city and mine them for weird loops (well, not so much during COVID). I also like to record interesting sounds around the house and plug them into a sampler to make beats.

I've been trained in audio production and engineering for radio, so I'm also looking to get more experience in that area through podcast production and editing.

Gear List:

* AKG semi-open back phones

* Sennheiser closed back phones

* MP large diaphragm condenser mic

* Blue encore 200 dynamic mic

* MP dynamic mic

* Orange Micro Terror tube amp

* Chorus, delay, distortion pedals

* KORG minilogue analog synth

* ZOOM R16 interface

* Plugins & virtual instruments

* A couple of worthless guitars

* One ancient laptop

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