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I play bass and guitar for 30+ years. Done it all - gigged, recorded, composed, produced - you name it. Mostly interested to collaborate with drummers, electronic musicians who can throw down some cool grooves and of course singers.

(Ascend to Anger) title TBD JennyK Spin

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10 Files, 20 days ago
minime minime, engels, KimNobleMusic

This world has gone astray

Jam Bands
7 Files, 1mo+5dy ago
engels engels

Death Grind something that wants to get pretty fast. Drummers?

Death Metal/Black Metal
10 Files, 1mo+4dy ago
engels engels, dwfreak

Pandemic ballad

Adult Contemporary
30 Files, 21 days ago
engels engels, KimNobleMusic, Midipunk

I dug your grave alone

Hard Rock
13 Files, 16 hours ago
engels engels, Ioan

Spunk on a Monk

11 Files, 1mo+13dy ago
Cuntox Cuntox, engels, MikiBella

Junk In The Trunk

Traditional Folk
15 Files, 1mo+18dy ago
Astronut Astronut, Gemini, MikiBella + 1 more

Killing Front

5 Files, 12 days ago
Astronut Astronut, motor, engels

Ascend to Anger

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paranoia paranoia, engels, ATLdrums + 1 more

Emotions Destroy

1 File, 1mo+22dy ago
paranoia paranoia, frz778, engels + 1 more

Wake Up

Southern Rock
18 Files, 1mo+17dy ago
engels engels, AndreaSpace

Let's wipe this world again

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Hard Rock
9 Files, 1mo+3dy ago
Astronut Astronut, engels

It all Started With A Stone

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Contemporary R&B
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Cris' Rock and roll

Hard Rock
7 Files, 3mo+8dy ago
engels engels, dwfreak

Old School Rock and Roll

Classic Rock
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The Table (dwfreak version)

55 Files, 5 days ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stsmusic, gpardo + 9 more

Traditional punk blues with a solo for you to play

Classic Blues
7 Files, 4mo+3dy ago
engels engels, Midipunk

Matter of Light

7 Files, 1mo+2dy ago
engels engels

Dirty Train

Hard Rock
42 Files, 3mo+2dy ago
Bazarraco Bazarraco, ATLdrums, Wire-and-Wood + 3 more

Slow dance

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
6 Files, 5mo+5dy ago
engels engels

So Cold

6 Files, 6mo+8dy ago
engels engels

Cry Uncle!

Hard Rock
9 Files, 2mo+4dy ago
CryUncle CryUncle, engels

Bonesaw straight

Death Metal/Black Metal
11 Files, 7mo+12dy ago
engels engels, BoneSaw

My happiness

16 Files, 7mo+13dy ago
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Death Metal/Black Metal
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Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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Astronut Astronut, engels


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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engels engels, dwfreak

Grave Candy

9 Files, 8mo+10dy ago
Astronut Astronut, bcstudios, engels

Never Again

17 Files, 5mo+13dy ago
paranoia paranoia, ATLdrums, engels + 1 more

KARET (John the Cucumber ate his comrades)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
7 Files, 9mo+8dy ago
engels engels