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My name is Dave, I am 48 years old, and I live in Devon in the UK. I've been writing/ recording on and off for several years now. I can play a few different instruments to a reasonable standard and I am okay with singing( although my range is fairly limited). I love collaborating with others on a wide variety of musical styles, and I look forward to making lots of music with you all soon.

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This is my very first collaboration on Kompoz. With Jorge Poalo and Brian Henry. Two incredibly talented musicians, who took a vocal and an acoustic guitar, and turned it into the best piece of music I have ever been involved in, Thank You !
Another excellent collaboration with Brian and Jorge. Creative ideas, great playing and the mix they did on this was stunning.
This is the talented Bobby Watson's song. He wrote superb lyrics for this. A immensely enjoyable song to sing on, and fantastic playing and production by him.
This song is still a work in progress. It is the first collaboration between the stunning lyricist Deeptrope ( John Heavern ) and myself. John is a highly gifted writer and has a great work ethic and also a sharp sense of humour!
Another song that isn't completely finished. This is a collaboration with the Brazilian writer Edson Castro. I jumped at the chance to work with Edson as he has such a creative, positive spirit. The track is certainly un-polished but I love the live, organic feel it has.
An acoustic demo for a very good young writer by the name of Jinsu Bansal. Jinsu was new to kompoz at the time of this collaboration but his attitude and enthusiasm were fantastic. I wish him well with his musical journey in life.
A powerful, hard hitting track involving several talented kompozer's. The brilliant musician Nadir was the driving force behind the song. It was a real pleasure working with him!
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