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learned piano in elementary school. quit it in high school. started playing guitar at age 16 or so. bought an ukulele some time ago. started to learn accordion three year. would like to be able to play these instruments really well but i don't like practicing. i like writing songs and playing with melodies and harmonies.

Deserted (For Robert) (Invite Sent)

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Who Knew?

27 Files, 8mo+12dy ago
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Underneath The Summer Moon

Contemporary Country
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Eve - pop song

39 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
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Against a wall

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A MILLION RED RED ROSES RED song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Contemporary Folk
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Eyes Without Sight

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I lift my eyes up

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Where the light shines

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The Old Rocking Chair (Fidler Lyrics)

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New Acoustic
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These Eyes are Wide Open

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Your Love Will Be My Sunshine (written by Fidler Songs)

Adult Contemporary
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Marina (based on the book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Shakespeare Was A Friend Of Mine

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Little Vincent Ray (Fidler lyrics)

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There's Still Time (Lyrics)

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A Season of You

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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What Tomorrow Brings

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THE OPEN BOAT song lyrics by Joel Sattler (based on the story by Stephen Crane)

Traditional Folk
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Cherry Pie

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Planxty Irwin

Celtic Folk
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Hang in the Air

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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FULL COLD MOON song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Contemporary Folk
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