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Hello there! I'm a vocalist and here livin' life somewhere in the cosmos...just like you. And just like you, I have an undying passion for music. It gets stuck in your veins, becomes a part of you and must be nurtured. I'm just floored by what an amazing site this has become over the years. I want to thank each and every one of you for your creativity, dedicated efforts and contributions... ALL for the sake of music. Damn, it is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for stopping by!


My Showcase Tracks
"Fall Into" Ecopunked!
A powerhouse song bed by Tyler for me to rest a vocal...
Very pleased with my first Kompoz with Thomas, "Room To Borrow"..sheer perfect sonics by Bill!
One of my all time favorites with the mighty Martin Mork...twas his first Kompoz too!!!
Join the Fire Ecopunked!
Hot little ditty written by Mauro and Dan with the perfect lyric by Darlene humbly interpreted by me...
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