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Where to begin? I've been obsessed with music all my life. I started on drums in 4th grade, switched to Trombone in 6th, took up the guitar about 2 years later and have been bending the strings ever since. Random thoughts on the topic of me: I swear a lot. I like to take pictures. I enjoy the outdoors. I believe that organized religion is the root of all evil in the takes a close second place. I can't afford the fucking gas, but I still drive an SUV. I live in a small, quiet little town because I hate people, which is why collaborating online seems so appealing. I think that Baseball is superior to all other sports. I like beer, but only once a month or so. I like cigarettes. I have a Govt job. I enjoy watching a good fender-bender. I believe in free speech. I hate the word "genre" I believe that after the age of 60 you should have to take your road test for your drivers license every 5 years.....old people should get off the fucking road. My job requires me to drive a lot. I love music. I love to play the guitar. I could eat pizza 7 days a week. I'm really not as miserable as this write-up makes me sound.  How I Work:Free mustache rides for the ladies!!! (I work for free) Experience:I have many faces, musically speaking. I worked for 5 years as a drill instructor and music director for 2 marching bands in the upstate NY area. I love Drum Corps and find the world of competitive music exhilarating. Unfortunately it's also very stressful.....which is why I don't do it anymore. Over the past 19 years or so I've played in a wide variety of know, the typical cover band thing, the jazz band thing, the jazz/funk thing, the hair band shit, the jam band shit and some other crap in between. Despite all that my primary focus has been original music. I have the honor of playing with one hell of a monster band named MODUS. You can check it out at: or Equipment:This is where I'm supposed to advertise other people's stuff for free, right? Fender guitars, Fender and Rivera amps....many many many effects of various makes and purposes. Podxt with all expansion packs, Cubase LE4, Pod Farm....many other misc. plug-ins and effects blah blah blah

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