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Tonawanda NY   United States of America
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Jazz guitar, jazz piano

Fruity Loops Studio Producer DAW

Kontakt instruments

Music Theory and Harmony

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A group dedicated to helping understand and learn about music harmony and the theory behind it. If you have a question about how things work in musical harmony, etc. post here and hopefully between us all we can understand and learn from the question ...

All About Promotion and Income Generation

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Get yourself out there. Find an audience. Establish your brand. Sell your tunes to Radio, TV and Film. Make a CD and market it. Get your tunes in the iTunes store, spotify. 

Music Video Production

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This group is designed for the music video enthusiast of all skill levels. Discuss, display, seek advice. There's refreshments in the kitchen. You have to try the celery stalks with lobster pate. They're sooooo good.  Check the Gallery for som...


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The goal of this user group is to discuss music copyright issues, the Creative Commons, ASCAP, BMI, and other related topics.

Lyrics, Songwriting and Arranging

845 members

Share your ideas, resources, etc