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I started playing guitar when I was 10. I studied classical guitar for 10 years, before I passed on to electric and folk guitar. Since then, I was in various rock bands, I now also play some piano and drums, I've gained experience with the major DAWs on the market and I write my own music. One thing I can't do is sing, I'm in tune but I lack any vocal technique, and I don't like my voice. That's frustrating, I can compose, play and record my music, but I always miss the vocals. I also understand the difference between a fake programmed bass line or drums line and a real instrument played by an experienced musician, so I'm here hoping you guys like my work and choose to help me out with some.

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My very first song on Kompoz. I want to thank all the collaborators for making this song come to life.
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I'm Not Him - Greg's version

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This is my way

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giudex giudex, MikeJM, fresh727

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