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All of my music is based on the heart and specially the magic that flows through the "universe"  "In Lak'Ech" (I'm another YOU) and the every day evolution of the human being. To present the magic with pure sounds, with a total commitment, so we can listen to ourselves, without rigid nomenclatures  or established semantics , only with the one that is dictated from our own consciences when is cognoscente of the "universe" and the present time.Search and understand the instruments that can make the sounds of "POWER and healing" that our "mother earth" and "father universe" gives us as a gift. This is road with no return to there, Where? I yet has to discover that, but I really don't care, the voyage is so nice by itself that I don't  have the time to look forward . Is in our moments of solitude and loneliness that are always concurred with all our others "ME" that we can listen to that melody growing through us I'm looking for friends to share my almost 40 years playing music and wind instruments and specially I think that is time to go to the world again in search of them for a new musical project.I play:Armstrong Flute and the new GUO Granaditte of composite material (a jewel that sounds like wood), EWI AKAI 4000s (Analogic Wind synthesizer with 2 OSC and LFO plus effects) look at Jeff Kashiwa in youtube.Didgeridoo (with circular breathing).Guitars (Alhambra and Ibanes AEG10) with a Behringer ACX100 amp, well let's say I play some guitar.Mandolin 10 Strings custom made.Loop Station BOSS RC-50.Mixer 12 channel Behringer.Active speakers Behringer 212

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