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Happy to upload 24bit 44.1 mixed stereo seps of acoustic drum recordings, DO NOT ASK FOR COMPLETE DRUM SEPS as a refusal often offends. I don't see the point in uploading half a gig of data, for it to be mixed really badly by so-called 'engineers', and then streamed twice on the net as a 2mb file. Just on here for a bit of relaxation and fun, and to also enjoy the talents of other musicians for my own projects. I record with a fully miked up acoustic kit. I do not use midi, or electronic triggering, purely MANUALLY PLAYED ACOUSTIC DRUMS. Looking for collaborations more in the jazz, funk, pop, fusion and upbeat type genres, not interested in the ballad, country, rock genres (which are often 90% of invites). I play away quite a bit, so turnaround times may vary. If that fits your collab, please send me an invite.

BI tacora

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BI tacora  is the name of my personal new project. i'm trying to record and album with the help of musicians all over the world, old and new friends. i invite to this group those who had partecipate here at Kompoz. thanks  


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This group is for drummers and percussionists.  Collaborating online is a brave new world for many of us.  This group will help answer questions about recording your drums, mic'ing techniques, interfacing with your DAW, and more.  Join in!