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 Hello there, I have written lyrics for my own pleasure for a fair time, I have collaborated with musicians in the past, with out much success,as i tend to write with an artist /style in mind, hoping to find help, and insperation on here!I decided to attempt to put melodies to some of my lyrics myself, i am only able to produce a melody line,but feel that i have reflected my lyrics in doing so,as well as the feel of the song. would very much like to find a partners and go forward. Regards Jack C 

Closer (Lyric)

Adult Alternative
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You got the look

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Closer than you think (Lyric )

British Invasion
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Heading South (Country Lyric)

Traditional Country
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Friend (lyrics)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Go West (A lyric)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Adult Contemporary
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Adult Alternative
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Everything Feels Right

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Found A Way

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Move it baby

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Adult Alternative
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You Got Me

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