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Joplin MO   United States of America
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I am a singer/songwriter who would like to work with others to take my music, or theirs to a new level. I hope to learn more, and share whatever I can, as I reach out to my fellow artists.

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Dr So and So - Joe Bonamassa Contest

42 Files, 11yr+8mo ago
jacquelin jacquelin, Corvidae, NormanDoering + 1 more

Walking Through Trees

21 Files, 11yr+8mo ago
jacquelin jacquelin, MellowTube, SteveL + 3 more

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Leave now

7 Files, 11yr+9mo ago
rcassent rcassent, jacquelin, kitplayer
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High Water The Devil Didn't Care

American Trad Rock
11 Files, 11yr+9mo ago
RickConner RickConner, BillOnGuitar, jwoo10 + 3 more

The War's not over

American Trad Rock
20 Files, 11yr+5mo ago
From_Yesterday From_Yesterday, jacquelin
Artwork Staff Pick

Down Home / Get Me Away

Classic Rock
17 Files, 11yr+9mo ago
UnderGunnedProductions UnderGunnedProductions, Dzacu, jacquelin + 2 more

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