jamesolmos James Olmos

Mission Viejo CA   United States of America
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Songwriter & Photographer who finds creative outlets through life's moments. My inspiration and muse, along with my medium often changes as I discover and cross new paths.

I take chances with my art and I'm constantly evolving. I'm curious and crave exploration on many levels.

Across social mediums you'll discover songs I've written, photographs I've captured and blog ramblings about my philosophical thoughts, health & fitness, and life's moments.

I also enjoy a healthful lifestyle and I'm passionate about obstacle course racing, trail running and the all-out, kick ass times I have while breathing, living and journeying through life's moments.

Please follow these basic guidelines when recording and uploading seps to future collaborations.

Upload Seps:

*At minimum 24 bit / 44.1 kHz. I record at 32 bit / 48 kHz (This is prefered.)

*Use a maximum peak of -12dB when recording. This prevents clipping & leaves headroom for mastering.

*Sync Tones at the beginning of the track. Cut and paste my click track if needed.

*No reverb

*No compression

*Panned Centered (not left nor right)

*WAV or AIFF - ability to upload; for mastering the collaboration (MP3's are fine for initial sep submission)

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