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Tibro   Sweden
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Hello I'm from Sweden. In 1985 I was severely visually impaired, I then took up my old hobby of creating music. Used a computer Atari 1024. For a few years I had a site so I uploaded my music. Here I met many musicians who started collaborating. Since 2008 I have been a member of kompoz.com. I usually look for lyrics and singers to my music, because I finish the music before I upload it. In total, I've probably done almost 100 songs with different musicians on kompoz.com. I also collaborate with a musician from EL Paso USA. We've done 200 songs with the majority available on Spotify. I also compose classic fugue music available on Spotify. Last year I have been very poorly have 2 cancer diagnoses with severe side effects of cell toxins. If we cooperate, remember that I am sometimes very bad at my Cancer and cannot always cooperate.


I am a member of the Swedish music organization STIM with number: 290121300

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