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I just love singing...and singing...and singinggggggggggggggg!!!!!Always been fascinated by sounds and what you can do with it... And i do like writting lyrics to ..i play keys and bad guitar ... What else can i say about myself then...i have a dog and he  likes to walk around when i sing lol...his nails tapping on the wooden floor...yep a born tapdancer i would dare to say.   

Baby It's You

Rock & Roll
1 File, 5yr+5mo ago
BrotherRat BrotherRat, jave, AndrewB + 1 more


33 Files, 7yr+11mo ago
Bommie Bommie, mauro, FIGSOUNDS + 3 more

Blue Romance

27 Files, 7yr+11mo ago
Bommie Bommie, mauro, joel_sattlersongs + 2 more

BED - Baby It's You

Adult Alternative
18 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
DeMeriden DeMeriden, liljoe6string, Fretlessian1 + 1 more

Endless Sorrow

15 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, liljoe6string, jave + 1 more

Soldiers Went To War

Classic Rock
14 Files, 8yr+3mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, TommyDrums, jave + 1 more

Its Easy

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 7yr+5mo ago
Writehand Writehand, jave, Staffan

All In (C'mon Everybody - Join In)

Adult Alternative
8 Files, 3yr+2mo ago
zettermin zettermin, JayCharlie, jave + 3 more

RPM 2011 Idea - Under My Skin

Adult Alternative
28 Files, 9yr+12mo ago
JP JP, Rombal, jave + 1 more

RPM 2011 Idea - Triumph

Adult Alternative
22 Files, 6yr+5mo ago
JP JP, MHBY, timkat + 5 more

Kevin's Song (Long Lonely Night)

Contemporary R&B
5 Files, 10yr+7mo ago
Vogel Vogel, jave, Daniele_Schiattino + 1 more

Neda's Song (Iran Be Free)

Adult Alternative
41 Files, 7yr+7mo ago
JP JP, Embers, DeMeriden + 8 more

One and Only One

40 Files, 10yr+1mo ago
DonnieAlan DonnieAlan, Casia-Lyricist, jave + 4 more
Artwork Staff Pick

Ten Million People Waved Goodbye

12 Files, 10yr+6mo ago
mauro mauro, jave, smajor + 1 more

Milk & Honey

7 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
jave jave, EnricoNic, Peter

Chaos In A Row

American Trad Rock
15 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
graham232 graham232, jave, JUI


Chicago Blues
21 Files, 10yr+7mo ago
MatMat MatMat, jave, Rombal + 3 more

El Malpais

40 Files, 9yr+12mo ago
billy billy, jave, Peter + 2 more

Live Just Live

Adult Alternative
12 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
Jason Jason, Peter, jave

Lucky in Trouble

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
BlackieCollins BlackieCollins


Adult Alternative
22 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
Jason Jason, JonDowlingBass, SirWillyDS12 + 2 more

Go away

Adult Alternative
8 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
Jason Jason, SirWillyDS12, jave

A Love Song

4 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
Deffenwulf Deffenwulf

Strange World

Adult Alternative
9 Files, 10yr+5mo ago
MulToR MulToR, jave

Hidden Capture

5 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
CjLee CjLee, jave, Big--Dave

I Can't Cry

Adult Alternative
21 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
rustyskull rustyskull, DoctorCube, jave