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The exploration of creativity through music started at a young age for me. I was a young kid, in Togo, with an ambitious mind to build sounds with my starter keyboard. My parents graciously put up with my unstructured noise until we moved to America and I started taking piano lessons at our church. Then progressed to play at the Irvin Conservatory of music. As my craft was being refined my desire to create and build music also was growing. Tapes made for a great tool in multi tracking process as my diligent effort to learn to play the guitar, I was hooked on the rhythmic intensity of this instrument. Played in a few bands and grew an appreciation for different voices in the musical space. Layering music became more interesting as time progressed and the desire to create thriving on the need to express through music. Music is an finely crafted outlet for dynamic expression of life experiences whether it be pain, joy, a testimony of faith or a random burst of creativity and I am grateful God has entitled my life with the ability to create especially through music. The journey still continues so stay tuned.


- Yamaha S90 Keys

- Guild D40NT Acoustic Guitar

- Alvarez RD8 Acoustic Guitar

- Martin DCME Acoustic Guitar

- Handmade Evu Drum

- West African Talking Drum

- West African Akan Drum

- Shure SM57 Microphone

- Rode NT1A Microphone

Favorite band is Toto

Fisher Of Man

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Endless Story

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The Rhythm Of Nations

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