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london london   United Kingdom
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A writer / composer / programmer who also likes some simple guitar licks. Not into performing but production and sound design. Craves rare axes. Worked on lots of things, with lots of people, loves music...

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Metal Leaf

American Trad Rock
9 Files, 10yr+12mo ago
jezor jezor, Grumpy, Emmett


7 Files, 11yr+2mo ago
jezor jezor, cronz, Bassred

The Avengers

16 Files, 11yr+4mo ago
jezor jezor, Corvidae

LawnBreaker (LawBreaker before gender change)

Adult Alternative
12 Files, 11yr+4mo ago
jezor jezor, xan, Corvidae + 1 more

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Artwork Staff Pick

Cant You hear

39 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
rcassent rcassent, neticous, jezor + 4 more

Evil Eyes Awaken

American Trad Rock
25 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
Erik Erik, jezor, Emmett + 4 more

Same Old Road - Pretty Blue Eyes

23 Files, 10yr+13mo ago
bjorn bjorn, sanger, Erik + 5 more

Minor Swing

Chicago Blues
33 Files, 10yr+12mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, jezor, Dez + 4 more