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Sticky melodies, some decent vocals at times, a few passable songs, a little guitar and bass. Peace.

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Huge thanks to "The Beast" (Todd, aka bigdrums), Mike (pixelblip), Tim (sloppy), Peter (peterrand). Thank you very much for adding so many elements to this tune that I would have never thought to add. Many, many thanks. :-)
Pretty cool rocking tune and some very nice production by Markus (root68). Great lyrics by Liam Butler. Great performances by Todd (bigdrums), Mike (MikeyMojo), Carmine (carmsounds), and Markus. Thanks all!
A fast, fun, rocking shuffle that the uber talented Mike Lucas created. I added anything vocal related then Mike added his creative production touches.
My vocals & lyrics, everything else (including production) care of the uber-talented Mike Lucas. Thank you, Sir. :-)
Another catchy rock tune that the supremely creative Mike Lucas brought to life, with his guitars, keys, drums and production. And the low end in-the-pocket growl is compliments of the incredible GeorgeSC. Thanks Guys! :-)
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