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Candelina and KenCable are making a cd and would love to have you all contribute to it. What we like to do is post the song with the piano then have you all create mixdowns then we will rerecord vocals to the mixdowns! :)


**STRONG ENOUGH Album Update**

The STRONG ENOUGH album has come a long way in such short amount of time!! This album shines without ever having a dull moment. We would still be recording rough demos if it wasnt for the community of Kompoz. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this cd and believe us we will give credit where credit is due!!! The album is based off of real feelings that candelina and i have felt and things that have happened to us. The cd is titled strong enough because the album goes from being hurt, upset, and sad to finally finding the strength to move passed everything and, in the end, being strong enough!! Also the song strong enough is the first song written by me, Kencable, and sung by Candelina. So for me the song has so much importance, not only for the cd but for me in my life. I have sung that song, in parts, for years now. When I am down I sing it and it brings me up. ~KenCable

And now here is the official tracklisting including the new track My Cliche!:

1. Glass Menagerie

2. Suicide Note

3. Shatter

4. My Cliche

5. Fabled Gentle Rose

6. Remember

7. Edge of Solace

8. Leaving the Hourglass

9. Back When

10. Strong Enough

11. Kawari

The CD is now finally complete and will be released very soon!! For now here are the CD cover and Back Cover!!!! This album has been an amazing experience for Candelina and I. One that will forever mark our lives with gratitude for the Kompozers of Kompoz! Hope that everyone will still like to work on the next cd which we have already begun work on lol. ~KenCable



We have completed all the songs for the album which include:

1. Wayward Dawn

2. Dance Away

3. I Hate All Men

4. Heart of Glass

5. Switch Pace

6. If We Could Change the World

7. Young Heart

8. I Am the Fallen

9. You Won't Lead Me Home Tonight

10. Turn Away From Yesterday

11. Harmony

12. Leaving the Hourglass (New Mix)

 Turn Away From Yesterday album has been a wonderful experience to make. Candelina created most of all the instrumentals herself so for her this album was a big feat. And for me as the producer man it was a fun experience to make this album. Now we are carrying on with where we left off for a third album titled The Long Road. This album will contain the tracks The Long Road, Get A Move On,  Take Me There, I Don't Want Another Lullaby, Should I Trust These Words, Crystal Waters, Mystic Dreamer, and Dreams of Fantasia. ~KenCable


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