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When I stumbled in here I was crazy about mixing. I worked as part time live sound engineer for over twenty years, did jobs for a good deal of german celebrities and started digging deeper and deeper in audio engineering by attending Fab Dupont's and others throughout the last 4 years, meanwhile recording mostly my own band with today's fantastic gear and participating in mixing competitions. I thought about how I could get on a more pro level. Shouldn't I try producing local bands? At this moment a college pointed me to kompoz. The world suddenly changed because mixing only is part of the job here and my skills as bass and keyboard player obviously are welcome. Something I did not plan, but after a very long time just playing cover music and doing very little on self-written music, I also really felt hungry for this.

Although my first musical education was playing classical music on the piano, I seldomly played the piano as live musician in a band. At some time in the past, I was so impressed by a friend of mine playing bass, that I started playing bass in very different bands throughout the last 20 years.

So this is a rough sketch of my musical life. If somebody especially wants me to mix his track, my doors are open.

Happy kompozing

My Showcase Tracks
I was very happy I could contribute a bass line to this song done by these great artists.
Again I am very happy I could contribute bass and keyboards to this collaboration done by a lot of very gifted musicans.
This time I played the keyboard tracks on this wonderful song sung by Christine accompagnied by fantastic artists. It was a great pleasure!
It was great fun to play a bass line on Alans song. Finally, with his help, I could do the mix.
Susan & Friends
Jen & Nicola
Jen & Dave
The first collaboration I started. I'm glad I found these fantastic contributors.
Another fine Jeff Cozine song I like a lot in collaboration with gifted kompoz celebrities.
A wonderful song I mixed.
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