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Lee Sharp & Tim Rose (ecopunk the band) featuring just Lee's vocal and lyrics http://www.reverbnation.com/leesharp

Myself and Tim Rose (ecopunk) have formed a band / brand called 'ecopunk' as a result of our collaborations here on Kompoz. You will hear a lot of our joint efforts on mine and Tim's page  http://www.kompoz.com/compose-collaborate/memberId-24013/profile.member

ecopunk (the band) Reverbnation - http://www.reverbnation.com/ecopunk

ecopunk (the band) Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ecpnk?sk=wall

We just seemed to click music wise so it seemed the obvious thing to do. Going forward we hope to be writing more and more together as 'ecopunk' the band whilst obviously still collaborating as individuals with the fine people here on Kompoz.

About me.....

I can normally adapt to most styles if i think something is a good song or i fancy a stab at creating something. I will give it a go anyway just for the fun of it all. I enjoy taking things in different directions too. Using a vocal and coming up with something that maybe someone was not expecting.

I play by ear and feel only so notes and chords don't mean anything to me really it's what ever sounds right. I had keyboard lessons a couple of times but gave up. Makes me a bit of a lazy player but simple is best I feel. I just tend to play and go with it.

Now I do not see myself as a vocalist but love having a play with vocal melodies and harmonies now Kompoz has given me some confidence.  I'll have a go at lyric writing too when I am in the mood.


I have not looked back since I found Kompoz and its wonderful community!

Cheers Lee

My Showcase Tracks
One of my favourites. Myself & Tim Rose (ecopunk) Mastered by Jim Cavanaugh.
Myself, Tim Rose as ecopunk with 'liljoe6string' on fantastic lead guitar
Ecopunk, myself and Tim Rose.
An ecopunk tune. Myself and Tim Rose.
A Hotjams project I had the pleasure of adding to.
Wow nearly 9 years ago. Took this girls vocal and we wrote some new music around it. One of my favourites. Shame she just up and left the site not long after. White House ecopunk'd
From our ecopunk album The Aggregation Of Marginal Gains. Say It
Not getting on much lately so thought I would share something. A stripped back rough mix of something we did with a Zoe Coleman vocal. Really enjoyed adding some vocals to this one. Not the featured final mix, which I love, but something just to show the vocals off a bit more. The Real Me - leecopunked
Abbie Sea vocal ecopunk'd. Sorry We're Breaking Up.
Gonna share 3 songs that we have spun with Zoe Coleman. Zoe has a great vocal and lyrics to work with so it is exciting when you take just the raw vocal itself and write something new and hopefully unexpected around it. I always love to play with adding some backing vocals in there as it's just great fun.... Sorry Zoe. Enjoy.
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Gasoline ( feat. Skookum from original Skookum project)

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HEY GIRLS feat. Emily Linge (Sweetie)

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New Wave
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Until Time Runs Out

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:EcoPunk: Gasoline

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Gasoline (Grimy Bar Version - Mysterian spin)

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