lifeguardlloyd Lloyd Plueschow

Winnipeg Manitoba   Canada
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I just want to be a part of something great.


My policy: I submit a part and you can use it, let me know. If it's not a fit, let me know. If you would like some changes, let me know.


I started playing piano and violin at a young age but my heart has always been in Rock. At 18, I switched to guitar and haven't looked back.

10 years of professional playing was enough. I was tired of starving, relying on dodgy people, and being one step into bankruptcy. I do miss the live playing though and that was never the problem. My favourite bands were the dance bands. There is a certain magic, when you connect with the dance crowd, which is very addictive.

Today I Kompoz and record, play in Church, and jam with friends. My talents include:

Guitar: electric and acoustic



Drums (Superior Drummer)

Bass (Trilian)




Post production

Web site design

Photo editing

Video production


Custom PC (self constructed)

Core i7 8250K

32 GB of ram

Window 10-Pro 64bit

RME Fireface 400

ART SL1 100 watt stereo amplifier

Alesis Monitor One speakers

Adam T5V Monitors


AT 2020

AT 4040

Beyer M69

Sure SM57

Sure 58 beta

Apex 435


Alicia's Keys

Superior Drummer

Trilian Bass

Philharmonik Miroslav



Adobe Sound Booth

Adobe Audition

Cubase 10.5 Pro 64bit

WaveLab10 Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 64bit

Adobe Photoshop CS4


Gibson SG Standard USA

Fender Stratocaster - American Standard HSS

Squire Classic Vibe P-Bass

Taylor Acoustic

Martin Acoustic


Marshall JVM 215C 50 watt combo GB

Fishman Loudbox Mini


Morley Volume

DOD wah/volume

Cry Baby wah

DigiTech DF-7 Distortion Factory

ART tube preamp

Boss pedal tuner

My Showcase Tracks
Quite happy with how this came together. Great musicians to have the privilege to work with!
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