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***Some of my projects with music help scrolled off. Until completely finished, please go see The Rainbow You Gave To Me, My Best Friend, Serenading Sophie....thanks! ***Please ALSO read the PDFs of projects I have joined for examples of my writing. Some are in progress and finals not sung yetI am only asking for MUSIC collaboration help for my own songs. I understand a few changes needed to fit to music or help singers do vocals, but I know what I want to say.I can help anyone in any phase of writing, reviewing, revising, starting from scratch. I can't write for you without information....but you can tell me the story. It is easier for me to help those that have a bit of verse and/or sang some of it. I don't write random lyrics and need your input or inspiration to help create the lyrics you want to sing.I don't mind helping in portions. However this doesn't show as a project on my profile but I do this willingly and to network for future music or singing help on any of my projects.  Also if  you are asking me to help write lyrics please keep in mind this takes me time and would appreciate the continuation of the project, and keeping in touch, timely... so that I in turn can have a live project on my profile. I can only get this by uploading an accepted pdf track.Collaboration is communication. I will not be accepting third party invites to write me and the project owner. Please, talk to them, talk to me, have owner invite me.I write my songs in a simple way on purpose. Most of my lyrics contain something I said out loud or to a person or someone else said in REAL life, then I go from there.

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