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When it comes to music, I like anything and everything. My favourite bands? I would say, Devo, Rush, the Who, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Police, The Ramones, Husker Du, Radiohead, New Order, Love and Rockets.....I own 3 basses, all Fenders. 1 Fender Jazz (circa 1994 made in Japan) Foto Flame finish, 1 fender Precission (1987) silver with a black neck which I modified by adding a Badass bridge, EMG precission pickups and an EMG Jazz pickup.1 Fender Squier (1985 sunburst) which I also modified by adding a Badass bridge and EMG Precission pickups.My main amp is an Ampeg SVT III which I run through two silver (25th anniversary) Marshall cabs; 1: 4x10" and 1: 2x15". I also have a Fender BXR100 which I use for those smaller gigs or when I'm just too plain lazy to load up the Marshall cabs :) I've played in many different bands during the past 20 years. The ones special to me would have to be Sublime Fine, which only lasted for 2 years but brought me on a 9 month journey to the U.S. West coast ( Los Angeles, Seattle). Hol'fader (which lasted 7 years) and Clockwise Stereo (which lasted 5 years). There's not much info on the internet about Sublime Fine, since the band broke up in 1993, but if you are interested in hearing some Hol'fader or Clockwise Stereo you can just Google these.I joined Kompoz to collaborate and just have fun working on ideas with different people from all over the world. If you would like me to add some bass or backing vocals to your tracks, just ask. It would be my pleasure.  

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