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I started playing guitar when I was 12, on my mom?s old Gibson acoustic (which I still have), thus triggering a life-long obsession with the guitar and Gibsons in particular. At first I was really into KISS and Ted Nugent, but eventually worked my way up to Pat Travers and then to Rush. I?ve always been drawn toward guitarists who can fill up a lot of space and create huge sounding chords and rhythm parts, and Alex Lifeson is arguably one of the most creative guitarists ever in that respect. Later I got into Gary Moore and from there, Peter Green and other blues artists.

I have recorded and released 2 albums with the band Lochinvar, which are available on Bandcamp at The Fire Eyes album was recorded at home and features me on 90% of the instruments (I had a friend play keys for me.)

I'm up for just about anything as long as it's good. I'll even take a crack at country or Americana if it grabs my attention, but I'm primarily a rock or blues player. Progressive rock, hard rock, blues, and metal are my strengths.