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Novice singer and bass player. I have done some home mixing.

A Gentle Breeze written by Scott C. Villnuve

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Back To the Path

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Oh Lord

Praise & Worship
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Devotional & Spiritual
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Coming to See You

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Me decepcione devagar

Acoustic Blues
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Ten Lines or Less

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The First Time

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Raise your eyes

New Acoustic
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You Are My Shepherd

Contemporary Gospel
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the LIE.. of all alone (Mitchell 23 Spinoff)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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I Spoke to Jesus (Last Night)

Country Gospel
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A PRAYER lyrics for a hymn based on A Prayer by the late Cardinal John Henry Newman

Classic Christian
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A God of Love V3

Christian Pop
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Land of Alcohowl

Hard Rock
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the LIE.. of all alone (spoken lyrics.. Spinoffs enabled! :)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Oh Lord

Praise & Worship
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WHEN ALL THE TEARS ARE GONE song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Lonely in Love

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Contemporary Folk
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Bluegrass Project - THE CHOICE song lyrics by Joel Sattler and William Mitchell

Contemporary Bluegrass
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