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54 years of age. I've been writing lyrics for nearly 30 years and have collarborated with a musician on about a half dozen songs. I have a wealth of experiences to draw inspiration from having been a rodeo cowboy, farm hand, marketing executive, high school football coach and teacher, salesman, and much more in my lifetime.

Flesh to Flesh - Skin to Skin

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Hopes Eternal Seed _ vers.2

Indie Rock
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Hopes Eternal Seed

Indie Rock
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Let's Talk About Us

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My Safe Place

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If we knew no limits (Gabro's spinoff)

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If we knew no limits (Pascal's spinoff)

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If we knew no limits (Mitchel Miller lyrics)

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Going Nowhere Going Fast (120) BPM108

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Why Isn't Good Enough Enough Anymore

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The Next Round (Linger Longer Lounge)

Honky Tonk
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What He Never Tried

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Before It's Gone Too Far

Contemporary Country
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Cookies Guitar

Traditional Country
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I Am Your Patriot

Soft Rock
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For Goodness Sake (Mitchel Miller Lyrics)

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Let the horse run free (Mitchel Miller lyrics)

Acoustic Blues
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