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On a musical journey trying to improve my songwriting/ideas and Kompoz is an excellent platform to share my compositions and collaborate with talented musicians, artists and anyone who loves the art of music.

C 1 9

25 Files, 1mo+20dy ago
miclesmusicproductions miclesmusicproductions, bcstudios, d0dger + 2 more

The other side

5 Files, 8mo+24dy ago
ValShal ValShal, hermitsoun, munks

Holding Hands With The Blues

42 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
RickyD RickyD, dwfreak, JeanToudou + 6 more

Can't Pretend (feat. munks)

Indie Rock
98 Files, 9mo+9dy ago
RyanLucas RyanLucas, AndreaSpace, munks + 1 more

Black Rain

21 Files, 1yr+11mo ago
peterrand peterrand, MrMom, RyanLucas + 2 more


38 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
BillyLimbo BillyLimbo, DrVenture, munks

STAY (mellow version)

New Acoustic
45 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
DrVenture DrVenture, br549ohio, dimigeo + 5 more

TERMINUS (Completed)

Goth Rock
18 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
BillyLimbo BillyLimbo, enabler, antonklinkt + 1 more

25.3 ml (offfshoot)

New Wave
39 Files, 5yr+9mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax

Panic Room (Trip Hop Radio Edit - 1iveowl Mix)

47 Files, 5yr+8mo ago
Oneiveowl Oneiveowl, tofu666, munks + 2 more

Carving Pork Chops

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
40 Files, 5yr+10mo ago
EmptyGlass EmptyGlass, jplaza69, liljoe6string + 4 more

Carving Pork Chops

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
42 Files, 7mo+17dy ago
RyanLucas RyanLucas, munks, iphone9