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Hi Future Friend!

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy adding your thoughts and talents to the mix we are building together. Please feel free to add, recommend, edit, or change anything. I don't mind turning the music into a different genre. I would really appreciate it if we could complete a few songs.

Please also feel free to critique my work and give me advise and recommendations. I would love to develop and improve myself further and learn from other more experienced, more skilled and more talented folks. As they say, more heads are better than one.

Here's my story:

One of the items in my life's bucket list which I wrote last 2006 while nearing graduating college is to compose 12 decent songs that capture something about life. Why 12? Because, before that was usually the number of songs that fit into a taped album.

So far, I've got one done. It took me around 8 years to complete my first song. Day 1 was finding inspiration, writing the lyrics and melody and the rest of the years waiting and searching for a collaborator interested to help me with musical arrangement, vocals and guitar. I didn't have a lot of connections who are interested in making music. Singing music is abundant but playing music is rare. Or, maybe I didn't tell more people enough of my plans? I also tried learning guitar and piano by myself to complete the song but I'm still in the basic stage. I can play songs I like using simple keys and given a chords guide or a pattern. I'm not very good at reading and playing notes yet. Plus, the realities of life kicks in and career responsibilities had to be prioritized.

Finally, I was blessed to encounter a co-worker who enjoys making music on the side. After getting enough courage I asked him if he could help me complete the song. He was very accommodating and very talented. He only requested for a humming version of the song and then he was able to give me the final version. If you're interested to check it out, I'll share it later. I decided not to make any modifications anymore and liked the more upbeat version. This is dedicated to my older sister and one of my childhood best friend who were undergoing some troubles in their lives at that time. I would like to comfort them with this song and to remind them that there is a light in them.

Now, I'm keen on trying out Kompoz to see how I could collaborate further with people around the world and make wonderful music together. Hoping to get more creative as I joined this site.

Please also note that I might be slow to respond in messages and stuff as work is taking up a lot of my time lately.

Hope this gives you an overview of who I am.