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American born saxophonist with roots in early rock & roll, country & western, big band era, jazz/blues/americana. I grew up listening to my parents & brothers record collections of the 40's/50's/60's contemporary country & popular music. Music has been a life long pursuit and a good friend in dark hours.

Big Blue Sea

34 Files
Harpline Harpline

New Jazz

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In The Closet (My Secret Lover)

Smooth Jazz
1 File, 1yr+7mo ago
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Syncopated Stutter

14 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
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1 File, 1yr+10mo ago
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January 23rd

Latin Jazz
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Christmas Gold

Smooth Jazz
10 Files, 2yr+1mo ago
mlobacz11 mlobacz11, gabrojazz, nemonty

Big Blue Sea (Soundtrack)

38 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
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Sneaky Pete

32 Files, 2yr+10mo ago
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Bitter Lemon

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2 Big Suckers

23 Files, 2yr+5mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, Astronut, Buttercup + 3 more

Love's a paradox

45 Files, 2yr+1mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, Astronut, Buttercup + 5 more

New Beginnings

Smooth Jazz
30 Files, 2yr+10mo ago
ReggieB ReggieB, nemonty, RGBass + 4 more

Alien Chants

7 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
RGBass RGBass, CoryFrey, xterrabill + 2 more

Heart Break at Star Cafe (re-make of dazzos)

12 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
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28 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
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The Boulevard At Night

Contemporary Jazz
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too much or not enough

8 Files, 5yr+1mo ago
yannkifer yannkifer, nemonty, liljoe6string

In The Closet (Inflatable Lover)

Smooth Jazz
1 File, 5yr+2mo ago
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Red drips

19 Files, 5yr+9mo ago
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I am nobody (new version)

Crossover Jazz
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TELLURIDE Blues (Feat. George Schiessl)

13 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, ReggieB, joel_sattlersongs + 2 more

TELLURIDE Blues (Feat. Nemonty)

11 Files, 6yr+1mo ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, ReggieB, nemonty + 1 more

Just For Love

Contemporary R&B
29 Files, 6yr+2mo ago
loulou loulou, KimNobleMusic, liljoe6string + 1 more

Just For Love

Contemporary R&B
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Technology - TsofT Spinoff

25 Files, 6yr+7mo ago
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You Know I Said

Contemporary Blues
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Sunday morning - part 2

12 Files, 6yr+9mo ago
Rolf Rolf, nemonty, Mysterian

Beautiful Truth (Contest Entry) Performed by BC and the Diamond Hunters

Smooth Jazz
33 Files, 6yr+8mo ago
liljoe6string liljoe6string, BrianCulbertson, RGBass + 3 more

Sunday morning - part 1

Chinese Alt
27 Files, 6yr+9mo ago
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Urban Jungle

Avant-Garde Jazz
6 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
TommyDrums TommyDrums, nemonty

See You Again

Contemporary R&B
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Ms. Terri

Avant-Garde Jazz
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Contemporary Jazz
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