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Lino Lakes Minnesota   United States of America
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Love this place.

Started playing in 3rd grade. I had 3 piano lessons and at the time I remember feeling it was more important to go snow sliding than play piano. My dad was into jazz and played in big bands for years, he is currently 85 and still gigging. I was influenced quite a bit by my Dad's Jazz albums, I particularly liked the upright bass on the album's. I started playing the upright in forth grade. The next year I bought my first guitar, a little Spanish guitar I bought in a Matamoros, Mexico market. I think I paid about $6.00 US for it, paper route money.

As long as I have played I have written my own music.

My influences are, in no particular order, Jazz, Classical, Power Trio, 70's Rock, Jazz Rock, R&B, Soul, Fusion just to list a few.

That's about it.

Please feel free to contribute to any of my projects.



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Shine On (K13)

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Simple Distractions

Latin Jazz
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My Addiction

Contemporary Country
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Dumpster Naked

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Dumpster Diver V2

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Free Pass

Avant-Garde Jazz
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Spin's Room

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Skeleton Key

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I Don't Know What to Name This Song

Adult Alternative
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Return of the Booty Snatchers

Crossover Jazz
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Strange Cat

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The Writings Always on the Wall

Hard Rock
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Just Another Jam

Crossover Jazz
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Dischi Volanti

Bossa Nova
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Yom Gashum Ve Meyuhad (Special Rainy Day)

Contemporary Latin
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Mrs Salzman Shuffle

Crossover Jazz
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Fragile X

Crossover Jazz
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Adult Alternative
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Scott 2B

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Ridley's Persecution

Adult Alternative
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Steel Hearted Woman Blues

Chicago Blues
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One Time 2

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Crossover Jazz
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Artwork Staff Pick

Cant You hear

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Adult Alternative
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Habeus Corpus

Adult Alternative
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Estes Park

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More Of This

Adult Alternative
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Lost Memories

Adult Alternative
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Void Pointer

American Trad Rock
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Round and Round

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The New Girl

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Sax relax

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Night Light

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