offthewall James Fraser

South Shields near Newcastle Tyneside   United Kingdom
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Mainly into folk/blues/soft rock styles.  Singer/songwriter stuff, generally. Prefer 'real' instruments and traditional styles.

I play (or attempt to play) acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/electric bass, acoustic baritone guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, autoharp, penny whistles, harmonica, lap-steel and beginner sitar. Vocals but have a very limited range. Do all of my recording using Reaper.

Been writing and composing now for a few years doing a lot of collabs. Unfortunately a couple of my recent partners in music have moved on up to that great ole stage in the sky so I'm finding myself a bit short on inspiration.

Plenty of stuff at my web page for anyone to check out including a link to YouTube channel.

Young Waters

Traditional Folk
13 Files, 2 days ago
offthewall offthewall

Win Some Loose Some

12 Files, 2 days ago
whenthemusicsover whenthemusicsover, offthewall, MikiBella

My Joy

27 Files, 4 hours ago
whenthemusicsover whenthemusicsover, alyo, offthewall + 2 more

Something to Tell You

17 Files, 10 minutes ago
whenthemusicsover whenthemusicsover, offthewall, alyo + 1 more

Where the money bag hangs

20 Files, 5 days ago
offthewall offthewall, Markmm, deadjazz + 2 more

Memory Box

Contemporary Folk
13 Files, 6 days ago
Markmm Markmm, offthewall, Gemini + 1 more

Give Me The Fairytales written by Scotty V

Adult Contemporary
8 Files, 23 days ago
Scottyv Scottyv, offthewall

Dinna Fash

25 Files, 20 days ago
jannik jannik, MikiBella, ben0 + 3 more

Make Dreams Come True

41 Files
SimonW SimonW

Southern Comfort

Contemporary Country
21 Files, 10 days ago
Scottyv Scottyv, pramsay, Gemini + 1 more


27 Files, 24 days ago
SimonW SimonW, offthewall, Gemini

Love Me Forever Just for Tonight

Alternative Country
8 Files, 2 days ago
ELeyne ELeyne, offthewall, Richo

El Hijo Del Condor

South America
9 Files, 23 days ago
cartyperu cartyperu, offthewall, Gemini

Push Back Against the Rising Tide

Traditional Folk
9 Files, 30 days ago
Wally099 Wally099, Hines57, offthewall


8 Files, 31 days ago
Mr_Sinister Mr_Sinister, Gemini, Shadow63 + 1 more

Go On

13 Files, 1mo+12dy ago
jubal jubal, alyo, PilotProject + 2 more

I'll hide

12 Files, 1mo+6dy ago
Parmia Parmia, offthewall, SimonW

Mr Smith and Mr Wesson

20 Files, 1mo+14dy ago
SimonW SimonW, offthewall, Gemini

Six degrees (and gone)

18 Files, 1mo+5dy ago
SimonW SimonW, offthewall, Parmia + 1 more

And, that Too will fade

19 Files, 1mo+29dy ago
Labodaz Labodaz, TboneDrummer, offthewall + 1 more

Summer Rain

Contemporary Folk
13 Files, 2mo+2dy ago
offthewall offthewall

Where Beauty Rules

10 Files, 2mo+3dy ago
jubal jubal, alyo, offthewall + 1 more

Take My Hand (S. Fidler and S. Villnuve)

18 Files, 1mo+28dy ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, Scottyv, offthewall + 3 more

A Simple Song

17 Files, 25 days ago
TSTstudio TSTstudio, offthewall, KimNobleMusic + 1 more

My Cowboy Tune

21 Files, 1mo+12dy ago
Labodaz Labodaz, KimNobleMusic, sreggeegg + 2 more

Out on my feet

Hard Rock
15 Files, 1mo+23dy ago
SimonW SimonW, offthewall, Gemini

The noisy... Peace Mantra

22 Files
Iblue Iblue

Bee dreamin

18 Files, 2mo+15dy ago
Iblue Iblue, jubal, PilotProject + 3 more

Make Dreams Come True

43 Files, 1mo+3dy ago
stoman stoman, offthewall, SimonW + 2 more

Thinkin Bout My Life (OffTheWall JugBand version)

14 Files, 2mo+8dy ago
offthewall offthewall, jubal, TSTstudio

Thinkin Bout My Life

17 Files, 2mo+15dy ago
jubal jubal, offthewall, alyo + 2 more

The Peace Mantra

34 Files, 11 days ago
shivshivshiv shivshivshiv, xterrabill, Gemini + 5 more

King Crap - feat. OTW (Spin-off)

Traditional Folk
12 Files, 2mo+28dy ago
cwagenius cwagenius, offthewall

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 3 months ago
TheOtherMichael TheOtherMichael, TJBlanner, TARc + 14 more

Wild Street

33 Files, 1mo+26dy ago
stoman stoman, cwagenius, alyo + 2 more

Molly Brooker

12 Files, 2mo+29dy ago
SimonW SimonW, offthewall, Hojji77 + 1 more