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My music career started back in 1963 in Niagara Falls, NY where I performed my first paying gig. I worked playing bass during those 15 years in the Falls extensively around Western and Central New York and Southern Ontario. My playing did slow down in St Louis and Dallas because of family and trying to maintain a day job to put food on the table and roof over their heads. The family is all grown and I retired a few years back, so music is all I do now.

Currently, I am playing the occasional gig around North Houston with a predominantly Country/Texas Country Outlaw band that also does a small amount of Classic Rock. On evenings during the week you can find me providing the bass backup and support for local guitar players/singers at Open Mics throughout the area. I'm also fortunate enough to get to play for quite a few festivals and charity event. I am always available to anyone who would like a bass guitar backing them up for any other kind of performance

I enjoy playing Blues, Country, Funk, Classic Rock, Jazz, R&B, Southern Rock, Contemporary Christian, and just about anything else with a good bass line. I'll work with a full band or back an acoustic player either with an electric bass or acoustic bass. BTW, I play real bass, laying down the bottom with a solid beat and try to stay hooked in with the drummer. I am not a bass soloist and have no interest in being a lead guitar player trapped in a bass player's body.

I am available days, evenings, and weekends with adequate notice.

So, if you have a song that needs a bass line, I'm your guy; drop me a line and let's chat.

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My Showcase Tracks
"Hungry For You" is an Americana collaboration project started by whenthemusicsover that was just finalized. This was a very cool and fun song to work. I thanks the entire team (Godfrey, Gary, and Johnny) for giving me the opportunity to work on it.
"Hard Times" is an excellent Classic Blues collaboration started by RickyD with James, Sarah, and Chris all contributing to the final effort. Thank you to Ricky for allowing me to participate.
"A Country Road", a Contemporary Country collaboration started by Scottyv, is now finished. Give it a listen, the team did a great job even if I do say so myself.
"Into Another Day" is a great Adult Contemporary collaboration started by NicolaOffidani with a bunch of great musicians participating to create this final product. My thanks for letting me participate.
"There's Still Time" started by Buttercup with Mike Mantecon's lyrics. This is another great song IMHO. I've been very fortunate to participate in some excellent collaborations since using Kompoz.
"Hardtimes Like These" is a country blues project started by Elaynious. This song turned out really well with a great bunch of folk working on it... Lots of fun... and Thanks for including me......
Paradise on a Country Road is an excellent Country tune (IMHO) started by SmithandFischer. It was great working on this song with the entire team.
My Car is an Asshole by RickyD
Texas Bound by RickyD -- This is a very cool song.... sounds a lot like some of the Classic Texas Country our band plays at the local roadhouses.... I hope something happens to it.
Song (93) by Lift. Very solid tune, can't wait to hear it with some vocals on top. Great project to work on.
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