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I've been writing poetry since I was nine and first discovered rhyme. I have lots of poems posted online. I love to play with loops and have a few different DAWS but I have had Magix the longest and am most comfortable with that program. Currently trying to learn Ableton Live Push 2. I also have garageband. I have audacity. I have lots of music and poetry posted online. My pinned tweet on twitter is a link to a facebook note with links to my online music and poetry.I took Pat Pattison's Songwriting course on Coursera from Berklee College of Music twice. I really loved that course. If it is offered again I will probably take it again. I have some songs posted on soundcloud because of that class. I have always wanted to turn my poetry/lyrics into songs. I found this website from a link a fellow classmate posted in the forums on coursera. Checkout my youtube channel. I have lots of instrumentals,songs,covers...all kinds of music. Always interested in collaborating especially for sync songwriting. I am really not comfortable being on stage. I like to create my music at home and share it online and it would be great to get some of it in movies and TV or having artists perform it. I think my strongpoint is lyric writing, I like to sing and play with loops. I call my instrumentals my poetry without words.