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Composer/Songwriter and singer. Finally taking time out to find vocalists who are willing to collaborate either "For Hire" or listed as "participant" to share in back end royalties, mostly intended for Sync Licensing. I am a serious composer who is always looking to push the musical envelope and keep up to date with the most modern sound in music. I am currently in need of vocalists, mostly male, for 12 finished songs that range from Pop, Funk, Alternative and Rock. I am an excellent vocalist myself and although I am a great soloist I feel my voice is best suited for backing vocals ever since I had some medical surgeries on my throat that have impeded my ability to be as versatile as I once was. This is the main reason I'd like to collaborate, I also write a lot of music suited for Pop and Funk singers whereas my own vocals are better suited to Alternative and Rock music. If you are interested in collaborating please feel free to reach out.