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Wow! This is cool - been looking for something like this for years.

I have been writing music for years but tend to not complete things (tons of ideas). I find it fairly easy to come up with ideas whether it be a bass line or chord pattern. I love writing melodies and counter point (harmonies and counter melodies). Lyrics, on the other hand, don't come too easily for me. When ever I try writing lyrics I try to write about personal stuff and that isn't the easiest thing for me to do!

As a bass player I really feed off the drums. Many of my songs have come about by jamming with a drummer, or finding a drum pattern I like and then adding a bass line to it - chords and melodies than follow.

At any rate I'd love to collaborate with folks out there - I'd love to add bass lines or melodies to your tunes. I'll post some stuff once I look around and see how it's done!


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A great holiday song by Billy (sriracha), VR vocals, Figsounds on drums. Got to play some fretless on this one.
My first collaboration on Kompoz, what a great experience, ended up with 9 collaborators and 20 awesome vocal tracks by Elliot Rise!
A fantastic song from beginning to end by StratCas, you should hear this on your local alternative radio station soon ;-). Marc_7200 - Vocals, Arrangement, Lyrics pedulladave - Bass Figsounds - Drums liljoe6string - guitar solo Hotjams- guitar Stratcas - guitar,keys, songwriter
Great tune by Billy (sriracha), awesome vocals by Craig (Bradz69) and fantastic violin by Ben (ben0), Pedulla "buzz" bass no this one
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