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I have been involved with music since my very early years. Firstly achieving Grade 3 on the violin at the age of 11, and then going on to learn what I really wanted to play.. the electric guitar.I studied at the Keech School of Music (after having gained my guitar grounding from Howard Jennings at the Hessle Music Centre). It was here that I studied for grade 5 theory of music, and achieved grade 7 plectrum guitar at the Guildhall. I went on to learn sound recording techniques at the University of Salford and the School of Sound Recording, in Manchester, while continuing to build my home studio, I was able to perform and record all of my ideas and works.After finishing my course in Manchester,I jetted off over to Munich, where I now reside. From Munich,I have worked with the renowned dance artist Chris Kain, the award winning Canadian based film producer Gonda-Bastian Sinagowitz and the Hull-based author Paul Charles.In Munich I now put together my musical ideas and snippets whenever the bug grabs hold of me. Using my computer I have the capacity to compose using nearly any instrument. Actually, vocals are my limit. Much as I can sing in tune and put ideas across, I wasn't gifted in this area. Perhaps so much so, that my main passion in lyrics is the female voice.The main purpose for joining this site is to find and collaborate with female lyricists and vocalists, either that can add vocal life to my music, or that require musical life behind their voice.If you feel you may be able to help, please get in touch.Cheers.Phil

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