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Tandridge Surrey   United Kingdom
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Interested in most music and production.

I have experience in pop, soul, motown, R&B, funk, rock, blues, show and pit bands playing live and also recording work.

I like a diverse range of music and enjoy the challenges that that brings. Currently unlearning.

Play electric and acoustic guitar.

Recordings are with PC using a UA Apollo fire wire to Behringer UB2442 pro mixer. Focusrite Platinum Voicemaster Pro, Focusrite Liquid Channel & Trackmaster Pro Class A Pre-amps, Cubase Pro 9, 64bit, AKG and Neumann mikes. DI guitar through Samson Direct Plus. Out through an old Quad 306 with KEF Q Series speakers.

My Showcase Tracks
Yes somebody walk in whilst I was finishing the mix. When it ended they said "It makes me cry". Yes it contains sadness as a subject but crying is said to be complex, addressing all emotions across a spectrum of sadness to joy. Lyrics that search the soul, singing that exposes the soul and the beauty of a combined performance created something. What do you think?
Apart from being a brilliant project the people involved are made up of Kompoz veterans who are always cheerful, open and positive. Casia has done so much to provide kompoz with quality content and Filgood was (sadly deceased) admired by everybody for his generous spirit. Alice was amazing because at that time I think she was in the early stages of membership, learning the language and honing her musical interests and performance, exhibiting a mature and professional singing style. Erik produced excellent Masters and JPConnard provided a most thoughtful electric rhythm guitar pattern. KenzoK put up a sax part that works well and my regret is that I missed it off of this mix not realising that I had until much later. I'll get round to correcting that at some point. I felt that I had made some progress as a guitarist after contributing as the solo was thought out before hand as well as considering what it should sound like.
Mudflappus is a much respected guitarist as far as I am concerned. This particular Project was created whilst he was considerably distressed at the loss of someone dear and he produced a clean, honest and emotional piece of guitar work that affected me also. I wanted to play with him and I am very proud of what came about and appreciate his wish to keep to his single track to honour her memory individually and publicly display his grief.
Peter is a Kompoz gem! He is restless, not afraid to experiment and develop his very broad musical taste and experience. His work is exciting and his generous nature makes it a pleasure to collaborate.
Derek's unique and highly recognisable Vox over some brilliant contributions by musicians I love to play with. OneMomentsPeace is a major creative force that pulls the best out of us.
This collaboration with OneMomenetsPeace as Project Leader was so pleasure-filled. Much admired Kompozers such as Pascal, Mauro, Dean, Derek and some significantly honourable members made this special. Trying to do justice and not tread on Mauro's beautiful acoustic creations kept me on my toes. Wonderful online band here.
Fairly recent project managed by DonnieAlan, with Melody and lyrics and Vox by Lexy Gilman, Bass by SpinDizzy and Sax by TommyN was my first serious attempt at developing a mix and master version with acoustic, electric guitar and percussion parts. I felt my technical knowledge, application and ear came together well on this. So it is another favourite.
This version engineered by Rab and featuring DazzleFly, OneMomentsPeace and SMajor was my first real collaboration adventure. They worked so hard and did so much brill stuff that it knocked my socks off. It is a particular favourite. Thank you everyone.
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