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I am a Bassist (primary), Guitar (secondary) and distant third keyboards!  John paul jones, Tommy Shannon and John Entwhistle are my favorite bass players.  Now play in a classic rock band in houston part time for fun mostly and occassionally gig. 

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Falling Down

Soft Rock
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rb1968 rb1968, steveprudhomme

Change is coming

Indie Rock
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rb1968 rb1968, MeNotU, crispybacon501

Safety In Numbers

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 11yr+4mo ago
rb1968 rb1968, JON

Simple As it Gets

Traditional Country
12 Files, 11yr+2mo ago
rb1968 rb1968, JON

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Vehre Aa - Bulleh Shah

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shivshivshiv shivshivshiv, rb1968, Jbass89 + 1 more


Contemporary Folk
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ratsekad ratsekad, ChuckMac, Rael

Beside You

American Trad Rock
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thillis17 thillis17

Capricorn Queen

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