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Atlantic City Writer/Producer Kollabing with anyone who wants to write and publish material to sell to known artists or have a solo CD project. I write jazz for the purpose of producing my "After Dark Core” Jazz band. I write pop/Funk/dance/rock or whatever musical Genre to try and sell to publishers and or Known artists. 

I enjoy playing my mini moog  as it is my axe of choice :)


My name is Rich, I am living in the USA (Atlantic City NJ) & I've been playing music for many years. I built my own recording studio from 2002-2005 and started recording in June 2006 (also some less serious recording in the 1980's 1990's). Besides recording, I was a live performer from 1978 thru 2001 and then left the business to manage my family and focus on my Information Systems Career with a major American Corporation. I have always been involved in performing and music composition (piano, keyboards, cello, some guitar and bass, orchestral and horn arrangements), which has enriched my musical life.

In 2008 I joined to collaborate with musicians all over the world and help broaden my session musician base for my studio, using Regional talent in New Jersey agumented by the global talent around the world.

I had 3 musical band project concepts prior to kompoz that remain active in my studio to date.  My studio jazz Band called "The After Dark Core" which I write and play Jazz Fusion, "The N$"  which is a pop rock band project , and "The Loose" which is a female base pop top 40 Vocal Project.

After joining kompoz I started a Country project called "The Feud" and also incorporated some of the jazz musicians from Kompoz into another Jazz Start up Virtual band in the private sector.

In March of 2010, my home was robbed and then  i lost my studio to a flood and spent 9 months rebuilding the studio. My muscial time has been limited due to illness and my daytime job in 2011, but I continue to write and invite musicans to the Private sector of  I am thankful for all the support I receive from Kompoz members and from the regional players who come to my studio from New Jersey, and the Philadelphia area! -  USA! USA! USA!




Cordoba Classical Guitar (wood grain orange)

Epiphone AJ-10- spruce top,  mahogany sides and neck, rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners, dot inlays

Ibanez  (light, basswood/rosewood)

Steel String 50 dollar brand :)

FenderSquire P-Bass


Roland Power Mixer For live performance

Marshall  30W Hi-Gain combo

Ampeg B5R Bass amp

QSC Stereo 400

Power Play Pro 8 Headphone amp

Power Play Pro 4 Headphone Amp


Marshall  MXLV69 MXL V69 large diaphragm Tube Condenser     Microphone (Cello and Vocals)

Rhodes NT2A (Vocal, Sax and trumpet)

Octava MK-012 Overhead (Drums and Room Vocal)

(2) CAD 95

(2) Sure Sm58

Shure Beta 58

Shure SM57

AKG Acoustics D112 (Bass drum)

(2) Sennheiser e609  Mic (Guitar and hi hats)


Korg Triton extreem Keyboard Controller DAW

Yamaha Digital Upright Piano Controller

Yamaha Motief Rack ES Modual

Roland Jupiter 6 Controller (Archived)

Roland JV80 Controller

Roland D50 1987 Controller

Moog - 1973 Vintage Mini-Moog

Akai S2000 Stero Digital Sampler (bass and Horns)

Roland MT32

Roland MKS20 Digital Piano Modual

Honer Harmoinca

Drums and Percussion


Drum Kat EZ Drum Controller

Pearl Maple Shell 5 Piece Kit

Tamborine, Cowbell, Viberslap and Shakers

Roland R8M Drum modual

DOD - Drums on Demand



Sound Gear - software  and Daw



Dell XPS 720 Win XP

Dell Optiplex 620 Wsin Xp

HP Laptop Win7

Sonar 8.5 (Remote/Staging)

Sonar 7.2 in Production

Miroslav Philharmonik CE


Cakewalk Pyro

Many Plugins

Motu 828 mk3 Firewire

Mackie Onyx 400F PreAmp

Delta 1010 rack mount Serial

Personus Digimax FX channel Lite Pipe Pre

Delta 1010 PCI

Midi Sport 8x8/s

Akai Midi patch bay controller

Roland ME335 Analog Digital Effects

ARC Analog Digital Reverb

sony Headphones

Buyer Dynamic Headphones

AKG Headphones


My Showcase Tracks
Cant ya Hear
Love ya Boy
No More Love Affair
Come Along
Tell the World About U
GeeFunk Moog
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