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At the moment I am not taking any invites as I am trying to wrap up a bunch of long standing projects.

If you are in it for the long haul, making the song as best we can, then we probably shouldn't work together.

I have been playing for about 30 years. For about 10 of those years I was a semi-pro and did a lot of touring through the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. I also owned and engineered at a recording studio in Tampa FL. A few years ago I decided to start learning how to play guitar so that I could be a more effective song writer. I currently have a small project studio in my house where I collaborate with friends.

I have come to realize that the part I like most about music, is making music with my friends.



Addictive Drums


LTD EC1000

Fender Strat

Schecter C1

Line 6 HD Prod

64' Fender Twin Reverb



PreSonus 1818VSL



A bunch of plugins (more than 10 less than 100)

In general I like lots of different kinds of music but I tend to like aggressive progressive music most. But I also love pop like Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera's voice gives me goosebumps. I like soundtracks a lot as well especially Howard Shore, and Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerard, I am a big fan of the post-rock "movement" as well.

Favorites now and in the past include but are not limited to:

Howard Shore

Hans Zimmer

Lisa Gerard

John Zorn


Porcupine Tree

Red Sparowes


Godspeed You Black Emperor


The Mars Volta

Dead Kennedy's

Les Baxter

Martin Denny


Lalo Schifrin



Black Breath

Gogol Bordello

Pearl Jam

Monster Magnet



The Orb

Beats Antique

Skinny Puppy

My Showcase Tracks
Andrea: drums, Bill: leads and, mixing and mastering, Mike: lyrics and vocals, Steve: guitar and songwriting, Tony: bass.
Bill: lead, Delphine: vocals, Jim: drums, Steve: guitars and songwriting, Tez: lyrics
Andrea: drums, Bill: rhythm and lead guitar, mastering, Brett: vocals, Jean: flamenco guitar, Jordi: bass, Raul: percussion, Steve: guitar and songwriting.
Parmia: lyrics and vocals, Steve M: mixing and mastering, Steve: guitar, bass, drums, songwriting
Bill: leads, mixing and mastering, evil voice over, JennyK: lyrics and vocals, Jordi: bass, Steve drums, guitar, songwriting.
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March of the Pagans

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