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I like jazz music and would like to gather a group of musicians for playing fusion/smooth jazz with lead cello.

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Forget it

Trad Jazz
11 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
romantaran romantaran

One Too Many

8 Files, 10yr+7mo ago
romantaran romantaran, Ettore

Comprehended Liaisons

Bossa Nova
9 Files, 9yr+3mo ago
romantaran romantaran

Savage Situation

8 Files, 6yr+5mo ago
romantaran romantaran, jchalp, RGBass

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Melancholic suite (Two Different)

21 Files, 10yr+5mo ago
debozh debozh, EnricoNic, romantaran + 1 more

These little things

Trad Jazz
27 Files, 10yr+7mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, romantaran, joaquin + 2 more

Dream Song

Adult Alternative
14 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
GBRL GBRL, CjLee, greim + 1 more

The Title

29 Files, 11yr+2mo ago
Pascaloubien Pascaloubien, EnricoNic, romantaran