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Rheinzabern   Germany
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I'm a guitarist from South-West-Germany, playing in the style of Pop/Rock/Blues.

On top of that I love working as mixing-engineer and producer. Preferred styles for jobs in that direction are Rock, Pop, Progrock, Blues, Blues Rock, Hardrock. Actually I'm open for much more kinds of styles. Only Free Jazz should be kept far away from me. :-)

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My first Collab in Kompoz. Met some nice musicians during my work on this. Composition & Music Markus Lammarsch (Rheinzabern Germany) Composition & Lyrics Louis Marchena (Palm Coast, FL USA) Production Markus Lammarsch Mastering Don Kennedy (Fayetteville Arkansas USA) Line Up: Louis Marchena - Vocals & Backing Vocals David Barraclough - Hammond C3 & Synth (Gloucester UK) M. Lammarsch - E-Guitar, Bass, Drums(programming)
Composition: Markus Lammarsch (Germany) Lyrics: Simon Wright (Scotland) Vocals: Markus Palsson (Sweden) Bass: Daniel Schroth (Germany) Guitar, Keys, Drums: Markus Lammarsch Mix & Production: Markus Lammarsch
Lyrics Chris Ellinghaus Virginia USA Music & Production Markus Lammarsch Germany Vocals - Chris Ellinghaus Backing Vocals - M. Lammarsch, Christine Linge (Dubai) Drums - Todd Vierra (Alaska USA) Bass, Guitars, Keys - M. Lammarsch
Beatiful song by Buttercup. Added some strings there. And I'm proud to may mixing it.
Very proud for joining that collab. Played the first solo and made the post production.
Played some acoustics and e-guitar on that
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